The “Autonomous Vehicle” of Irrigation.
A closed-loop irrigation system, reactive to real-time plant needs.

21st Century Agriculture


After a long and fully independent research, Frost & Sullivan announced SupPlant as the 2018 Israeli Smart Irrigation Technology New Product Innovation Award winner! Read more

Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel is visiting SupPlant’s experimental site and impressed with the unique technology and with changing the basic concept of irrigation methods. Read more

SupPlant has been chosen to take part in the Israeli delegation to India, endorsed by PM Netanyahu and PM Modi to represent precession agriculture. Read more


The world leader in the field of data-driven smart agriculture

SupPlant has developed a unique system based on a set of ground-breaking algorithms to analyze data collected from sensors: soil, climate and most importantly plant-based.

The data collected is translated to a series of agriculture services:

  1. 1. Growth-Based IrrigationTM, a unique closed-loop irrigation system, fully autonomous and reactive to plants needs in real time: already commercial in 14 of the worlds largest markets, showing constant results of 30% water savings and above 5% increase in yields on average, in a wide range of crops.
  2. 2. Decision support tools; alerts and notifications generated from the field; accurate protocols for implementation of agro-chemicals based on real-time crop data; agronomic guidance.
  3. 3. Data-driven services, among them dynamic irrigation regimes and instructions, based on real-time calculations of data.
  4. 4. Turn-Key agriculture projects, built from the ground up to be fully integrated with SupPlant’s data based autonomous technology.

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