Our sensors are installed all around the world and constantly measure fruit, trunk, leaf and soil

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How SNS works

SNS, our sensor-based offering, collects thousands of crop-related data points on a daily basis. Our algorithm then generates personalized, exact irrigation recommendations. All the while, our team of (human!) industry-leading agronomists provide our farmers with weekly insights: we follow growth rate, stress levels, water usage – and give our farmers amazing visibility to all that matters in their crops.

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How Plant;) works

For the past 5 years, we have installed sensors and collected data all around the world. That helped us build the largest plant database on Earth. Our numbers are outstanding: we accumulated more than 2200 seasons of data from various crops, soil types, and weather conditions.
Then we developed an algorithm. It analyzes all those data points and builds irrigation models that tell the grower exactly when and how much to irrigate. These models are crop-specific: they are based on the phenological stage, climate zone, variety, soil type, and irrigation method.

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