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February Newsletter
February 2018, Newsletter N.02


In this newsletter, you can read about us being chosen to take part in the Israeli delegation to India, an article of the story of SupPlant that has been published in the ‘Insightssuccess’ magazine and more.

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Climate Change? What is it?
February 2018, White Paper N.01


At SupPlant, we are always busy studying and researching and we are happy to share with you our thoughts and findings.
We invite you to read about the phenomenon of Climate Change in a document issued by our agronomist experts and discussing what SupPlant is doing to minimize the climate change.

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The SupPlant’s NEWSLETTER Launch
October 2017, Newsletter N.01


We are proud to invite you to read our newsletter – first of many yet to come.

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Emanuel Dasa Testimonial
November 2017, Emanuel Dasa, leading Israeli mango grower.


Come hear Emanuel explain his experience after 2 years working with the SupPlant GBI technology.
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Trunk diameter growth vs. soil moisture and rainfalls


Trunk diameter growth vs. soli moisture and rainfalls

In this project, there is one plot controlled through the GBI system and another plot is
being controlled following the grower’s traditional irrigation approach (control plot). It can be clearly seen how the trunk of the GBI tree has been growing at a much faster rate in comparison to the control tree since the GBI was activated.



Fruit growth and soil moisture – August zoom in. Fruit growth rate of about 200 µm before irrigation, increases to more than 600 µm after GBI irrigation


Trunk diameter growth vs. soli moisture and rainfalls



Recent Results – Corn Trial


Trunk diameter growth vs. soli moisture and rainfalls


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