The only plant-based autonomous irrigation system

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SupPlant is a world leading company in the field of “IOT” in agriculture. By changing the basic concept of irrigation methods, the SupPlant unique technology can save water on global scales and improve productivity and yields. During the past 4 years, SupPlant developed a unique artificial intelligence system that is able to analyze data generated from crops through sensors and translate this data into irrigation commands.


Humanity will require


as it expands


Humanity will have

LESS RESOURCES (land, water)

available for agriculture



will require real-time,

adaptable irrigation

Our end goal: Help the world save water on global scales and improve productivity and yields

The Company’s core technologies, and their underlying line of products, which are collectively branded SupPlant™, are based on advanced algorithms that analyze climatic, soil and vegetation indices, as well as the use of Internet of Things (“IOT”) and the benefits of Big Data for irrigated crops whether grown in the field or in greenhouses. The basis for the various applications is the ability to quantify at any given time the status of the plant (according to its stress levels) objectively based on indices developed by the Company, and thus dynamically performing different treatments to the plants more efficiently.

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