We help farmers
speak better Plant

  • Understand What Your Plants Need

    SupPlant sensors monitor your plants’ needs in real-time, tracking soil moisture, trunk/stem and fruit’s growth and shrinkage, leaf temperature, and current weather conditions. Data is collected every ten minutes and analyzed by SupPlant’s unique algorithm, which combines analyses from existing datasets, covering over 1500 growing seasons. The result is clear, concise, and actionable agronomic insights based on your plants’ immediate and future needs – sent directly to your desktop or mobile app.

    Growth Modeling
  • Be Prepared for Whatever Mother Nature Has in Store

    Climate change is forcing many farmers to reevaluate their exposure to weather risk, and every year brings with it record-breaking heatwaves, unexpected frosts, and unforeseeable rainfall. SupPlant helps farmers thrive in spite of the chaotic climate, by providing a 48-hour protection shield with realtime data-based alerts, insights, and recommendations. With SupPlant, farmers are equipped with the knowledge and agronomic insights they need to weather any storm.

    Climate Adaptive
  • Stay in Control of Your Plots with Real-Time Data

    SupPlant’s smart farming solutions combine on-going support from world-leading agronomists, accumulated knowledge, and real-time data. These insights enable precise irrigation decisions that make your plants healthier and more resilient. With SupPlant, your plants grow stronger and healthier, leading to less cracks and fruit damage, improved yield quality and quantity, and significant savings in resources such as water and fertilizers.

    Agronomic Guidance
  • Ensure Your Crops Thrive

    SupPlant’s precision farming platform includes a fully autonomous irrigation feature that reduces stress conditions and maximizes plant growth by automating irrigation – providing the precise amount of water the plants need at the exact time they need it without any intervention from the farmer. The Growth-Based Irrigation (GBI) system provides farmers’ crops with the exact amount of water they need at the time they need it. 

    Irrigation Regimes
By using plant sensing, AI, and accumulated data,
we provide farmers with climate-adaptive practices, insights,
and actions
that drive better decision-making.
Backed up by our extremely dedicated team of agronomists.

Our vision is BOLD:

Digitally inform every irrigation decision on earth


Data from the plant, soil, and weather sensors

is uploaded to the cloud every 10 minutes.


This data is combined with weather forecasts

and crops specific growth models


SupPlant’s unique algorithm analyzes the combined

data, and translates it into actionable agronomic

recommendations and insights.

Water Mobile

Farmers are provided with a weekly irrigation

recommendation plan, a tool to overcome extreme

weather events through irrigation, alongside precise,  real-time, and forecasted agronomic insights.

Use Cases

Crops in the spotlight

SupPlant’s system assists farmers by giving them the tools to maintain a correct irrigation regime all year round, focused on their crop needs and the environmental changing conditions. Using this system, farmers can manage their precious water resources correctly, prevent plant stress, reduce fruit loss, improve production, and maximize their crop potential year after year.

Crops Knowledge

Precision Agriculture

Expert Knowledge & Insights You Can Rely On


Be Ready for Any Weather.
Rest easy, knowing your crops are thriving

SupPlant’s 48-hour protection shield helps farmers protect their crops in any weather, be it extremely hot, cold, wet, or dry conditions. With SupPlant, farmers can rest easy, knowing that their plants are protected and ready for whatever frost or heatwave is around the corner. 

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Always Stay One Step Ahead.
Get routine weekly irrigation plans

SupPlant’s smart irrigation platform provides a full weekly irrigation plan, enabling farmers to easily and routinely update the irrigation plan. This flexible feature recommends when and how much to irrigate in the upcoming week, and enables farmers to adjust recommendations as needed.

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Always Stay One Step Ahead.
Get routine weekly irrigation plans.

SupPlant alerts farmers when plants aren’t reaching their full growth potential by comparing actual plant stress to live conditions. If a plant is more stressed than it should be, SupPlant will alert the farmer on the mobile app and desktop platform. 

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