An accurate irrigation management


Avocado has been scrutinized and criticized due to its high-water consumption. Avocado orchards are situated in regions that have been suffering prolonged droughts in recent years. In some regions close to populated areas, climate change events such as droughts strongly affected drinking water availability, and avocado orchards have been to blame. Therefore, today it is more important than ever to reduce avocado water use and to keep an accurate registry of water consumption and its justification.


SupPlant tools provide avocado growers with accurate instructions about how much to irrigate based on precise weather data, proprietary crop models, and the crop´s current conditions. All this information is properly analyzed and presented to the growers so they can implement these recommendations in the irrigation controllers. In addition, all this information is recorded together with the water consumption of the plot, allowing to comfortably follow the dynamic water budget throughout the season.


Avocado is known to be resistant to pests and insects, and it’s becoming more and more common to find organic or Integrated Pest Management (IPM) avocado orchards. The strong relationship between the crop´s condition and their liability to be affected by pests and insects has been deeply discussed and demonstrated. Therefore, SupPlant´s stress monitoring and irrigation management tools enable it to keep the orchard in an optimum condition, making it much more viable to a healthy and clean orchard grown under organic or IPM methods. 

Before any stress is visible to the naked eye, SupPlant’s system issues alerts and recommendations on how to improve the irrigation plan.

How SupPlant technology will help me to achieve the best irrigation strategy for my orchard?

SupPlant developed the most advanced system with the latest cutting-edge technology (hardware plus software) to apply the best irrigation strategy to your orchard. The technology contemplates the use of soil, plant, and weather sensors to understand and identify the main parameters affecting the optimal performance of your plants (e.g. soil water content and water evaporation or atmospheric water vapor pressure). This advanced technology, set in the center of the picture of your plants, by using plant dendrometers, and fruit sensors, allows the system to identify the smallest changes in the plant behavior through the change on the stomata behavior, the most sensitive plant organ to environmental changes. Combining and analyzing all the data from the plant, soil, and weather conditions in real-time, using an intelligent algorithm, SupPlant provides you with precise irrigation plan recommendations on a daily and weekly basis to maximize your crop and your economy, putting away the uncertainties of climate change, varieties, and growing conditions.

Advanced AI-Powered Precision Farming Platform

SupPlant Technology

SupPlant’s unique AI-powered system uses advanced algorithms that analyze live data from plants, soil, and meteorology sensors, and translates it into irrigation recommendations and commands. Data is collected from sensors placed at five locations: the plant’s fruit, leaf, and stem, and in deep and shallow soil. Data is collected from sensors and combined with SupPlant’s proprietary dataset, Big Data collected from thousands of growing seasons around the world. SupPlant’s unique algorithm analyzes the data and provides real-time, forecasted insights and irrigation recommendations based on plant stress, plant and fruit growth patterns, real-time and forecasted weather conditions, and soil water content.
Implementing SupPlant's technology on your Avocado orchard
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