An accurate irrigation management


Citrus needs high yields to ensure positive results at the end of the season. Accurate irrigation management throughout the whole season guarantees reaching the harvest with the fruit of optimum condition with no physiological disorders and the plot with its potential yield. In lemons for example, due to their double or even triple flowering periods, water restrictions are used as a replacement of hormonal treatment for narrow flowering cycles into one main period during the season. To implement such treatments, accurate information about the plant’s condition and stress level must be available.


SupPlant’s citrus growers have been able to optimize their production systems by having accurate information allowing them to:


  • Manage precise irrigation management, avoiding and enhancing stress precisely when and at the level that the crop needs it. This capability ensures potential yields and optimum sugar/acid relationship.
  • Precisely monitor air temperatures and receiving timely alerts for activating freeze control methods.

How SupPlant technology can help me to achieve the best irrigation strategy for my vineyard?

SupPlant has developed the most advanced system with the latest cutting-edge technology (hardware plus software) that aids you to apply the ultimate, personalized irrigation strategy to your orchard. The technology combines the use of soil, plant, and weather sensors and helps you understand the main parameters affecting the optimal performance of your plants (e.g. soil water content, evapotranspiration and water vapor pressure deficit).

This advanced technology puts your plants at the center of the equation, it uses dendrometers that follow your tree’s growth, and fruit sensors that monitor your fruit size; all in real time. Dedndrometers, and fruit sensors, allow the system to identify the smallest changes in the plant’s behaviour in reaction to irrigation and climatic conditions, and assist you to constantly improve your irrigation practice.

In addition, SupPlant’s advanced algorithm constantly analyzes all the data from the plant and soil. It then combines this data with weather forecasts and SupPlant’s crop models, and provides you with precise irrigation recommendations on a daily and weekly basis. The aim is to maximize your irrigation accuracy, improve your reaction to extreme climatic conditions and help you protect your investment.

Advanced AI-Powered Precision Farming Platform

SupPlant Technology

SupPlant’s unique AI-powered system uses advanced algorithms that analyze live data from plants, soil, and meteorology sensors, and translates it into irrigation recommendations and commands. Data is collected from sensors placed at five locations: the plant’s fruit, leaf, and stem, and in deep and shallow soil. Data is collected from sensors and combined with SupPlant’s proprietary dataset, Big Data collected from thousands of growing seasons around the world. SupPlant’s unique algorithm analyzes the data and provides real-time, forecasted insights and irrigation recommendations based on plant stress, plant and fruit growth patterns, real-time and forecasted weather conditions, and soil water content.
Implementing SupPlant's technology on your Citrus orchard
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