Wine Grape Controlled Irrigation

Climate change has left wine grape growers struggling with unpredictable weather patterns in recent years. This means that farmers must constantly monitor the irrigation of their vines. SupPlant aims to provide farmers with solutions that can help them manage the growing water challenges grape growers are faced with.

SupPlant’s GBI, or growth-based irrigation system, has succeeded in allowing farmers to produce stronger, higher quality vines while adjusting irrigation to accommodate unpredictable weather. The autonomous irrigation system is the first of its kind and has proven to improve grape quality while conserving water.


SupPlant’s GBI system controlled irrigation autonomously of the BVSAB13 Sauvignon Blanc block throughout the 2017/18 irrigation season, dynamically adapting to the phenological and climatological variations. The trunk measurements showed rapid growth of around 30 mm/day until veraison, a stage that is clearly identified through these measurements.

Thanks to this data, early in the season it was possible to identify anticipation of the veraison in comparison to previous years, immediately informing the grower about this situation. This was partially explained by the high temperatures reached during the vegetative stages that increased the accumulation of the degree days during the beginning of the season.


Accurate irrigation management - WINE GRAPES      Accurate irrigation management - WINE GRAPES      Accurate irrigation management - WINE GRAPES


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