Vineyards Stress Control for Optimum Quality

In order to run a successful vineyard, farmers must find the ideal balance between yield and quality. The key to creating this balance lies in irrigation; the vine must receive adequate irrigation in order to grow, but too much irrigation will result in diluted grapes and a low-quality end-product.

SupPlant’s soil and irrigation sensors monitor both the state of the vine and soil texture, as well as autonomously controlling irrigation in order to maintain the ideal conditions needed to grow a superior crop. SupPlant solutions allow farmers to maximize yield without compromising on quality. 


Vineyards have a very distinctive trunk growth pattern that helps in the identification of the phenological stages – active vegetative growth, followed by a short shrinkage of the trunk during veraison and ending with a complete stop in growth during the maturation stages. In addition, trunk development provides very important information for characterizing the different levels of stress in the plant all through the season…


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