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ClimaCell Collaborate with Ag-Tech Startup SupPlant

ClimaCell collabs with Ag-Tech startup SupPlant,

to bring small farms into the IoT future


Making agtech affordable for Asia’s poorest farmers


Precision ag technologies remain out of reach for the majority in many parts of the world. For low-income smallholders working meager plots in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere, installing a constellation of soil probes or climatic sensors on their land is not only unaffordable; in many cases it’s impractical, too.


Emerging markets, in particular, rely on these small farms to supply approximately 80% of their food. And with the climate changing and populations growing, food security and sustainability are paramount.


Giving these smallholders greater access to such solutions could vastly improve their output and allow them to use their limited resources more effectively, bringing enhanced security to the food system – while also increasing their incomes and safeguarding their livelihoods.


That’s what agritech startup SupPlant and weather intelligence firm ClimaCell are aiming to do through their new partnership.


Israel’s SupPlant offers an autonomous crop watering system it calls ‘Growth Based Irrigation,’ which collects data from on-site sensors — as well as from third-party sources via the cloud — to help farms optimize their water usage.



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