Frost & Sullivan best practices Awards Ceremony


Frost & Sullivan best practices Awards Ceremony

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After long and fully independent research, Frost & Sullivan announced SupPlant as the 2018 Israeli Smart Irrigation Technology New Product Innovation Award winner! Watch the winning announcement video


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Monday 12 March 2018 - Monday 12 March 2018
Royal Garden Hotel, 2-24 Kensington High St, London, UK
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Frost & Sullivan research shows that approximately 70% of the world’s freshwater goes toward agriculture, including water consumption for cattle rearing. Farmers across the globe are looking to adopt technologies and agricultural practices to reduce agriculture’s water intensity. The need is driven by an acute scarcity of fresh water supplies and also regulatory mandates.

Furthermore, Frost & Sullivan research suggests that developing low-cost technologies with high water conservation abilities is a major focus area that technology developers need to focus on, e.g., variable rate irrigation (VRI) technology that applies the necessary amount of water in specific locations in the field. VRI technology allows increased yield and profitability in agriculture. It was initially introduced for dry fertilizer application and is experiencing significant adoption in the irrigation industry. The decision to adopt VRI systems is made based on the soil’s available water capacity, and VRI reduces water use approximately by 15%.

One company seeking to enable farmers to grow more produce while using less water is Israeli based SupPlant. started its technology development in 2012 and commercialize it in late 2015, the company’s dedication to technical innovation enabled the development of its solutions called Growth-Based Irrigation (GBI) and Big Data-based irrigation (BDI). The GBI fits squarely with the trends and challenges outlined in Frost & Sullivan’s research, including the use of sensors in the field to generate big-data, which is the process of using machine learning to generate precision irrigation.

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Monday 12/3/2018



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