The use of big data in the Mexican countryside

The evolution of the Mexican countryside begins with an intelligent irrigation system


29 December 2020 | Metro World News



The evolution of the Mexican countryside could be just around the corner with the arrival of precision agriculture, a revolutionary technique that allows the use of technological and digital developments to improve production, save water and reduce costs.


In this sense, the Israeli company SupPlant offers the first smart irrigation system to farmers in Mexico. The beginning has already produced results, because, through the use of its platform, a mango plantation managed to reduce water consumption by 20% and increased the plantation’s production by 15%.


Irrigation Recommendations


Among the key features of precision agriculture is the updating of information in real time and the prediction of weather conditions. Something in which the Israeli startup SupPlant, founded in 2012 and officially launched in 2015, is a leader.



With this method, farmers can improve the productivity and yield of their plantations. The objective is to use hardware and software for precision agriculture, which consists of agronomic algorithms, sensors, artificial intelligence and cloud-based technology to help local farmers achieve 2 objectives: increase crop yield and reduce crop yield. use of water.



“One of the main challenges that farmers face in Mexico is the heat, which influences the stress level in citrus fruits, creating small and dry products” -Ori Ben Ner, CEO of SupPlant.



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