Israel-based agritech startup assists South African farmers reduce water usage

Helping South African farmers to reduce

their water usage


22 October 2020 | Ventureburn



The agritech startup has worked with several South African farmers to provide them

with the necessary tools to maintain a correct irrigation regime all year long, taking

into consideration ever-changing environmental conditions and their crop needs. 



Accurate irrigation management - CITRUS Accurate irrigation management - CITRUS Fruit sensor on Macadamia


SupPlant explains how their agritech tool is aiding local farmers in South Africa. 


“Using our system, farmers can manage their precious water resources correctly, prevent

plant stress, reduce fruit loss, improve production, and maximize their crop potential

year after year.”


The agritech startup claims that it has assisted South African farmers to reduce their

water usage by 37% in apple crops, increased the lemon crop yield by 60%, and an

increase in macadamia nuts by 21%.


With climate change drastically affecting weather patterns and introducing new

climatic conditions not experienced before, SupPlant provides accurate and real-time

reports and alerts to local farmers. 


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