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Ori Ben Ner Of SupPlant On The Three Things You Need

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25 May 2021 | Authority Magazine



How do I define “when I first started”?


I have been in this business since I was an infant. When my father and grandfather would discuss “sensing the plants” and “listening to the plants” — I took them literally, and I would spend my afternoons trying to hear the plants grow…

With time, I learned that sensors were needed in order to listen to the plants but I actually learned from this that it is important to be on the ground, out of the office, in the fields and “feel” the plants.



The problems we aim to solve:




A higher frequency of droughts and floods is expected to lead to reduced crop yields, an estimated severity of up to 50% in yield reduction, and likely to cause 4 billion people to live under severe water stress and food scarcity.




593 million additional agricultural hectares (twice the size of India) will be needed to answer the growing global demand. By 2050 an expected 25% water deficit-demand supply gap will require real-time adaptable irrigation to compensate for the shortage.




70% of the world’s water is used to irrigate only 20% of the world’s land, and of that, currently only 5% utilizes micro (drip) irrigation.


We are sure you aren’t done. How are you going to shake things up next?


We aim to have SupPlant integrated into every irrigation command given in the world.

Utilizing our ever-expanding database, by far the largest and most sophisticated plant behavior database in the world.


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