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Reinventing agriculture

Re-inventing agriculture: from drip irrigation to smartphone farming

6 June 2019 | Jerusalem Post


Agriculture, one of the world’s oldest industries and underpinning human settlement throughout history, is undergoing fundamental change.


SupPlant has developed an autonomous irrigation system – known as Growth Based Irrigation (GBI) – which feeds crops according to their needs.

Every 10 minutes, the company’s algorithm analyzes the weather forecast and data collected by sensors on the ground, stem and fruit to decide whether to supply water to the crops.


Re-inventing agriculture - smartphone farming Re-inventing agriculture - smartphone farming Re-inventing agriculture - smartphone farming


The company is now planning to launch its SupPlantME application, utilizing SupPlant’s vast array of data and insights derived from it. The application will provide each grower with dynamic irrigation recommendations based on a range of factors including type of crop, stage of growth, soil type, plot location and the weather.


“Humanity is currently facing difficult problems – first and foremost, dramatic climate change,” said SupPlant CEO and founder Zohar Ben Ner. “There is a need for a system providing a holistic, online response – in real-time – for any changes that occur and any effect on the crops. Our technology saves farmers tens of percent on water expenditure, and increases their yields by 5% on average.”


SupPlant’s GBI system is currently in operation in 14 different countries, with each system guided by an experienced agronomist specializing in the relevant crop and in contact with the grower throughout the season.


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