SupPlant Granted $2 M To Develop Technology

SupPlant Granted $2 M To Develop Technology


7 January 2021 | Agrifocus Africa



SupPlant, the leading precision agriculture hardware-software solution, was granted $2M (1.6M Euros) from the National Centre for Research and Development of the Government of Poland to develop new smart irrigation technology suited for small farmers with land that is smaller than 10 hectares.


Smart Farming and Irrigation Platform


The technology will be developed in SupPlant’s new offices in Poland (opening in Jan 2021) over the next 30 months alongside professor Waldemar Treder who specializes in Plant Management from the Research Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice.


80% of the world’s farmers are smallholder farmers which are dealing daily with challenges such as the unpredictable climate that is changing rapidly, differentiating each plant’s water needs, the price of water and the need to feed the people around them. SupPlant wishes to make their technologies available to these vulnerable populations.


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