SupPlant helps Mexican farmers reduce their water consumption

Tackling crop problems in Mexico,  increasing mango crop yield by 20 percent


12 January 2021 | 2000 Agro


SupPlant is a world leader in the field of precision agriculture. With technology from the Israeli startup founded in 2012 and officially launched in 2015, farmers can save water and other resources on a large scale by improving the productivity and yield of their plantations.


The leading hardware and software solution for precision agriculture, it uses agronomic algorithms, sensors, artificial intelligence and cloud-based technology to help local farmers achieve two goals: increase crop yields and reduce water use.


Accurate irrigation management - MANGO


“Our goal is to equip farmers and agricultural companies that manage crop irrigation with the most accurate information possible, helping them reduce water consumption by increasing plant performance,” says Uri Ben Ner, CEO of SupPlant. .


SupPlant sensors that detect the status of each plant are strategically placed in deep soil, shallow soil, stem, leaf and fruit.


Thanks to them the farmer has access, through the application, to the growth patterns of plants and their fruits, climatic changes and irrigation needs.


Using agronomic algorithms, sensors, artificial intelligence and cloud-based technology, farmers grow difficult crops in the face of inclement weather, save resources and increase plant performance.



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