Continuous Monitoring and Forecasts




Continuous, High-Resolution Plant Monitoring

SupPlant’s smart farming platform presents high-resolution data from plant, soil, and weather sensors that is collected every 30 minutes. The data compiles SupPlant’s synergistic charts system and is transferred along with complementary weather data to the cloud via RF and GSM communication protocols. Once the data reaches SupPlant’s cloud servers, it is analyzed by SupPlant’s proprietary algorithms, which generate irrigation recommendations and autonomous irrigation actions. All of the data can be downloaded by farmers for personal analysis.


User-friendly dashboard


A monthly and seasonal view of crops: The monthly view clearly shows the daily response of the plant and soil to irrigation and weather conditions, while the seasonal view allows farmers to understand the overall dynamics of the crop through different phenological stages.



Continuous, High-Resolution Weather Monitoring and Forecasts

Weather stations provide climatic parameters such as air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, and precipitation. Penman evapotranspiration (ET) and deficit vapor pressure (VPD) is also computed to analyze plant and soil response. All of this data is compiled into daily averages that are also available for chart representation as well as XLS or CSV download. 


Water budget management


Instant air temperature and VPD are presented together with their daily averages






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