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SupPlant is a world leading company in the field of IOT in agriculture. By changing the basic concept of irrigation methods, the SupPlant unique technology can save water on global scales and improve productivity and yields. During the past 4 years, SupPlant developed a unique artificial intelligence system that is able to analyze data generated from crops through sensors and translate this data into irrigation commands.

Plant monitoring and Growth-Based Irrigation (GBITM)

SupPlant has developed a unique system based on a set of ground-breaking algorithms to analyze data collected from sensors: soil, climate and most importantly plant-based.

Data is translated into 3 service levels:

  1. Real-time alert system on a wide range of relevant info for the grower. Combined with graphs and notifications it gives an accurate tool for decision making. It can be used through an app or website.
  2. A platform for agro-chemical implementation. Through its unique knowledge and sensing capabilities, SupPlant is able to optimize the effect of agro-chemicals by indicating the optimal timing of implementation, according to plant reactions in real-time, combined with conclusions from trials done with agro-chemical producers.
  3. SupPlant’s closed-loop solution: Growth-Based Irrigation (GBITM). The analyzed data is transmitted to an irrigation controller, resulting in a fully autonomous irrigation system based on analyzed plant sensing data, in real time. The GBITM system is the first fully commercial closed-loop irrigation system. Today, GBITM systems are installed in 14 of the largest agriculture markets in the world, in an ever growing range of crops and climatic regions. In every new market and new crop a “control” plot with the same variables (soil type, size, variety and age of the crop) as the “GBITM” plot is being examined, enabling a comparison of the final season results between the plots. On average, the GBITM plots use 30% less irrigation water and the yield is 5%-10% higher in comparison to the “control” plots. These results can reach higher values in the second and third season of using GBITM.

Big-Data Irrigation (BDITM)

Big data irrigation (BDITM) is based on the concept of analyzing data from relevant GBITM plots (the same crop with similar climatic conditions) and utilizing this data in order to constantly provide a dynamic irrigation regime. This concept enables the grower to gain the value derived from an adaptable irrigation strategy, as opposed to the common practices today. All this without the necessity of hardware on the ground.

The BDITM technology can be translated into 3 main service levels:

  1. The GBITM user itself. It is not economical and sometimes practical to install a GBITM sensing station at every plot in a given farm. BDITM at its most basic level allows the implementation of irrigation insights from a GBITM plot in a farm to other plots in the same farm without additional sensing stations.
  2. A local, project-oriented BDITM. Installing enough GBITM systems in a certain region, focusing on its 1-3 main crops, will allow all the growers of the region to enjoy the dynamic irrigation regime derived from the GBITM systems, and will assist to increase yields and save massive amounts of water for the whole region.
  3. International BDITM. Once there are enough GBITM systems in a certain crop world-wide, SupPlant will have the ability to provide numerous amounts of growers in an ever-growing amount of regions with dynamic irrigation regimes and other valuable data that derives from the network of GBITM systems.



Service Overview

The full GBITM service pack includes:

  • AutonomousGrowth-Based Irrigation (GBITM).
  • Real time automatically generated alerts and notifications on plant, soil and climatic conditions; provided as a text message notification through the SupPlant app.
  • Graphs and analyzed data to act upon, presented on the SupPlant’s web and mobile platforms.
  • Remote agronomic guidance and reports from SupPlant’s Agronomic Support Division experts: leading international agronomists with vast experience in sensing-based remote consultancy. The guidance is given on an ongoing basis upon request from the grower or necessity and the reports are sent 2-3 times in a season.





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