The only plant-based autonomous irrigation system



The LARGEST experiment in irrigation financed by the National Mango Board in their record is implemented in Peru by SupPlant
15 April 2018, Peru


The objective of the experiment is to develop an irrigation protocol suitable for tropical countries supported by edge cutting technology like the one developed by SupPlant.


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Turn-Key Projects


Design, supply, implementation, and management of conventional and integrated ag-projects.

  • GBI technology as an incentive to work with SupPlant in conventional projects
  • Highly experienced personnel in this field



Experiments with agro-chemical companies for bio-stimulants and other products, based on plant conditions achieving joint IPs.



Conducting agronomic trials based on plant sensing in order to define growth protocols including a trial with the National Mango Board (USA).


5000 ha fruit turn-key project.
SupPlant are responsible for the entire professional development of the project.



Irrigation research project in Mango fully financed by The National Mango Board (NMB).



Consultancy for the Mango Exporter Company of Mexico (EMEX).



An experiment of bio-stimulant implementation in apples for Adama Ltd.


Dominican Republic:
Consultancy to the biggest mango grower in DR (Total 450 ha).


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