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Goal #15

Protecting, Restoring, & Promoting Sustainable Use of Terrestrial Ecosystems

GOAL #15:


SupPlant’s smart irrigation platform preserves and improves the soil composition that is normally damaged in large-scale farming. Instead of irrigating the soil, only the plants are irrigated, leaving the needed nutrients in the soil without causing land erosion or soil contamination.



Protecting, Restoring, & Promoting Sustainable Use of Terrestrial Ecosystems


About Protecting, Restoring, & Promoting Sustainable Use of Terrestrial Ecosystems

Conservation of terrestrial ecosystems is not trending towards sustainability. Forest areas continue to decline at an alarming rate, protected areas are not concentrated in sites known for their biological diversity, and species remain threatened with extinction. Moreover, surging wildlife crime, land-use changes such as deforestation, and habitat encroachment are primary pathways of transmission for emerging infectious diseases, including COVID-19, threatening public health and the world economy. 


Valiant efforts are being made to turn the tide. These include the expansion of sustainable forest management and gains in protected area coverage for terrestrial, freshwater, and mountain areas. Countries are making progress in implementing programmatic, legislative, and accounting principles to protect biodiversity and ecosystems. In order to build back better following the global pandemic, these gains need to be solidified and reinforced. Equally important is the need to foster awareness of the interconnections between people and the natural world to ensure more balanced coexistence.


For more information on this goal, visit the Sustainable Development Goal indicators website.


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