Goal #13

Taking Urgent Action to Combat Climate Change

GOAL #13:


SupPlant takes into consideration climate changes and reacts accordingly, allowing farmers to make more natural, non-evasive decisions to prevent long-term damages to their crops and fields. This is achieved by working “live”, i.e., reacting to real-time conditions.



Taking Urgent Action to Combat Climate Change


About Taking Urgent Action to Combat Climate Change

The climate crisis continues unabated as the global community shies away from the full commitment required for its reversal. The year 2019 was the second warmest on record and the end of the warmest decade (2010–2019), bringing with it massive wildfires, hurricanes, droughts, floods, and other climate disasters across continents. Global temperatures are on track to rise as much as 3.2°C by the end of the century. To meet the 1.5°C – or even the 2°C – maximum target called for in the Paris Agreement, greenhouse gas emissions must begin falling by 7.6 percent each year starting in 2020. However, despite the drastic reduction in human activity due to the COVID-19 crisis, the resulting 6 percent drop in emissions projected for 2020 falls short of this target, and emissions are expected to rise as restrictions are lifted.


If the world does not act now, and forcefully, the catastrophic effects of climate change will be far greater than the current pandemic. Governments and businesses should use the lessons learned and opportunities arising from this crisis to accelerate the transitions needed to achieve the Paris Agreement and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015–2030, redefine our relationship with the environment, and make systemic shifts and transformational changes to become low-greenhouse-gas emission and climate-resilient economies and societies.


For more information on this goal, visit the Sustainable Development Goal indicators website.


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