Goal #2

Ending Hunger

GOAL #2:


SupPlant’s technology is already proven to increase yield while saving valuable resources such as water. Farmers who used SupPlant yielded higher amounts and have more food for themselves and their communities.



Ending Hunger


About Ending Hunger

Eradicating hunger and achieving food security remains a challenge, more so in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. At the global level, hunger and food insecurity have been on the rise, and malnutrition still affects millions of children. The situation is likely to get worse owing to economic slowdowns and disruptions caused by a pandemic-triggered recession. In addition to COVID-19, the desert locust upsurge in six Eastern African countries and Yemen – where 35 million people are already experiencing acute food insecurity – remains alarming. To mitigate the threats posed by the pandemic to vulnerable populations, countries need to take immediate action to keep trade flowing, strengthen food supply chains, and increase agricultural production.


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