Joubert and Sons: 21% Boost in Macadamia Yield

Enhancing Macadamia Yield


Joubert and Sons, a renowned farming establishment, have a long-standing history of cultivating tomatoes, maize, and citrus. In the 1990s, they ventured into macadamia production, a highly profitable crop. Today, their farm, well-known along the Nelspruit east on the R539 road, showcases their dedication to delivering fresh produce.


Macadamia cultivation has thrived in South Africa since the 1960s, positioning the country as a significant competitor to Australia as the world’s leading macadamia producer, with over 700 growers. In 2019, SupPlant, a pioneer in plant-based solutions, initiated a collaboration with Joubert and Sons to evaluate the impact of their innovative approach on macadamia yields.


To comprehensively assess the macadamia orchard, SupPlant deployed an array of sensors, including soil moisture sensors, plant and fruit growth sensors, and meteorological weather data sensors. Real-time analysis of this holistic dataset facilitated precise adjustments to irrigation, tailored to the specific needs of the plants. The focus was on crucial stages of the season that significantly influence final yields: the early fruit drop period, rapid growth stage, and nut fill and oil accumulation during fruit maturation.


The implementation of SupPlant’s technology made notable contributions to the final macadamia yield. Firstly, by preventing stress during the early fruit drop stage, the trees experienced fewer fruit losses, maximizing the initial yield potential. This “no stress” approach was then extended to the rapid growth stage, enabling the macadamia nuts to reach their maximum size potential. Lastly, by implementing correct irrigation techniques during the fruit maturation stage, the nuts achieved their optimal size within the shell. Overall, these interventions resulted in an impressive 21% increase in yield compared to the control plot under similar conditions.


Joubert and Sons’ collaboration with SupPlant and the integration of their innovative plant-based solutions proved instrumental in achieving a remarkable 21% boost in macadamia yield. This success story highlights the significance of precision farming techniques and showcases the potential of SupPlant’s approach for enhancing agricultural productivity in macadamia cultivation and beyond.