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A World-Leading Plant-Sensing Technology

Agronomic Guidance Technology

Maximizing Water Use Efficiency

Our vision

Our mission is to equip farmers and
agro-businesses around the world with the most relevant and powerful actionable agronomic insights.

By changing the basic concept of irrigation methods, and based on plants’ current necessities, our unique technology is proven to save water on global scales while improving productivity and yields.

The technology

Plant-Sensing Technology

Precision Farming

SupPlant’s unique AI-powered system uses an advanced algorithm that analyzes live data from plants, soil, and meteorology sensors, and translates it into irrigation recommendations and actionable insights.

How we do it

SupPlant’s reliable and accurate sensors are placed at five locations: the fruit, leaf, and stem/trunk of the plant, as well as in deep and shallow soil. These sensors monitor plant stress, plant and fruit growth patterns, real-time and forecasted weather conditions, and soil water content.

SupPlant uses a proprietary dataset created from Big Data collected over 1500 growing seasons. This data is combined with your plants’ data and fed into SupPlant’s unique agronomist-supported algorithm, which yields high resolution, real-time, and forecasted insights and irrigation recommendations. This ensures healthy and robust harvests with optimal water usage. Learn more about the Technology

The technology
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