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But first, let’s plant a tree

Upper soil
root system

The upper soil contains a high level of Oxygen and nutrients. Here, the tree develops a dense root system. The Fine root hairs in this area are responsible for most of the plant’s water and nutrient uptake. These fine roots are very sensitive to lack of water on one hand, but also to excessive irrigation that deprives them of oxygen on the other. It’s very important to maintain soil moisture balance in this zone.

Deep soil
root system

The deep soil usually contains very little Oxygen and so, fine root hairs can’t develop there. Instead, much thicker and stronger roots develop in this area. Those thick deep roots have an important roll in stabilizing the tree, balancing the canopy weight and prevent it from falling when strong wind blows.

The Soil Sensor

Maintain adequate soil moisture Changing incorrect irrigation intervals in citrus

Soil sensors

Our soil sensors Measure water content in the upper and lower layers of the soil. They will help you use water efficiently, adjust your irrigation correctly, and maintain adequate soil moisture for your trees. You’ll know exactly when they are thirsty, and when they had enough.

The Dendrometer

Daytime Trunk Contraction & Daily Growth


Measures the daily contraction and expansion of the trunk, but we call it the tree’s heartbeat. That’s not a cliché: With it, you can see your tree as it grows and help him if he is under stress. Your tree is talking all the time. All you need to do is listen.

Improving inconsistent growth rate

in a Lemon plantation (South Africa)

Fruit sensor

Meticulous about your fruit size? Our fruit sensors measure the changes your fruit goes through during the season. Use it, and you will be able to pick your produce just when the time is right.

Our Data

SupPlant is a software company that relies on in-field hardware to collect and generate valuable data. SupPlant is constantly developing and updating its sensors and transmission units in order to keep data accurately and continuously flowing into SupPlant’s system.

All your crops data, comfortably arranged in one place

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Product Features

Irrigation Planner

Let us know how much water you intend to use, and our irrigation planner will give you a line of sight into the future: it will show you exactly how big your fruits will be

Plant Stress Index

Our new AI feature is tailored for wine-grape growers. It measures your stem water potential dynamically, in real time, and helps you understand precisely how stressed your vines are

Farm view

A complete overview and comparison between your plots: which ones are growing faster, which are slower, and which need a little more attention

Red alert for farmers

Protect your trees and secure your yields: Receive warnings directly to your phone (or desktop), shield yourself from extreme weather events, and learn which preventive actions to take