Advanced AI-Powered Precision Farming Platform​

SupPlant’s unique AI-powered system uses advanced algorithms that analyze live data from plants, soil, and meteorology sensors, and translates it into irrigation recommendations and commands. Data is collected from sensors placed at five locations: the plant’s fruit, leaf, and stem, and in deep and shallow soil and combined with SupPlant’s proprietary dataset collected over 1500 growing seasons around the world. SupPlant’s unique algorithm analyzes this data and provides real-time, forecasted insights and irrigation recommendations based on plant stress, plant and fruit growth patterns, real-time and forecasted weather conditions, and soil water content.

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SupPlant is a software company that relies on in-field hardware to collect and generate valuable data. SupPlant is constantly developing and updating its sensors and transmission units in order to keep data accurately and continuously flowing into SupPlant’s system.

Fruit Sensor

Precise incremental LVDT-based sensors that monitor fruit growth and micro-variations in the micron range of intact rounded and oblong fruits in three diameter ranges within 7mm to 160mm.

for Trunk Radius

Measures changes in trunk diameter. Dendrometers track how plants respond to their environment in high temporal resolutions, micro-variations in the micron range. The high temporal resolution of dendrometer data permits the direct assignment of plant responses to environmental factors.

Leaf Temperature Sensor

Subminiature touch probe that measures the absolute temperature of a leaf. The lightweight stainless steel wire clip holds a high-precision glass encapsulated thermistor, which is about a millimeter in diameter. The small dimensions of the probe and its special design provide almost negligible disturbance of the natural leaf temperature.

Soil Sensor

A highly-accurate sensor that determines volumetric water content (VWC). The sensor measures a constant dielectric medium using capacitance and frequency domain technology and is suitable both for mineral soils (sandy, loamy, and clay soils) and substrates.

Weather station

Temperature, Humidity, Radiation, Wind, and Precipitation Sensors. Plug-and-log capabilities, simple, and ready to use without feature calibration. This data is very important to calculate the ET and VPD, two indices that are critical to smart irrigation decision-making.