SupPlant raises $27m

SupPlant raises $27m to bring irrigation tech to climate-embattled farmers


14 March 2022 | AFN AgFunder


Israeli irrigation tech startup SupPlant has raised $27 million for its platform that helps farmers optimize water usage and increase crop yields.


In addition to expansion, funds will go towards building out the company’s new API developed for smallholder farmers around the world battling the impacts of climate change on crops.



SupPlant recently released a new API product, a sensor-less version of its system that pulls statistical data about growing conditions in any given region of the world, from Middle East deserts to tropical landscapes in Central America.

SupPlant’s API provides irrigation recommendations based on this data.



Kremer highlighted the company’s implementation of this technology in Kenya, which is under an extreme drought right now that requires farmers to walk as many as 15 miles to get water for crops.

SupPlant’s API currently provides data and recommendations to 500,000 women farmers growing maize. “It’s not very trivial to get information when you’re in Kenya and you have only one smartphone throughout the village,” says Kremer of the positive impact SupPlant’s API could have on smallholder farmers.


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