Extreme Weather Irrigation Adjustment


Climate change is forcing many farmers to reevaluate their exposure to weather risk, and every year brings with it record-breaking heatwaves, unexpected frosts, and temperamental rainfall. SupPlant helps farmers thrive in spite of the chaotic climate, by providing a 48-hour protection shield with real-time data-based alerts, insights, and recommendations. With SupPlant, farmers are equipped with the knowledge and agronomic insights they need to weather any storm.


Extreme Weather Irrigation Adjustment

Due to climate change, the occurrence of extreme weather events around the world has increased dramatically in recent years. In addition to the continuous alert system, SupPlant’s Heat Wave tool actively leads farmers to manually or autonomously apply additional irrigation in response to upcoming hot and dry weather events.


48-Hours Protection Shield

Heat Wave Wizard  Heat Wave Wizard Heat Wave Wizard


In 2019, Queensland Australia faced a record-setting heat wave of four days at 45°C (113°F ). A citrus farmer saw his neighbors’ orange trees suffer, and most of the oranges were too small to sell at full price. Thanks to SupPlant’s 48-Hour Protection Shield, the citrus farmer was alerted in time with a full irrigation plan to water every three hours and was able to sell the fruit for a premium price.



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