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Smart Farming and Irrigation Platform

Stay in control of your plots with real-time data

SupPlant’s smart farming solutions combine on-going support from world-leading agronomists, accumulated knowledge, and real-time data from your plots to help you make precise irrigation decisions that make your plants healthier and more resilient. With SupPlant, your plants grow stronger and healthier, leading to less cracks and fruit damage, improved yield quality and quantity, and significant savings in resources such as water and fertilizers.




All-in-One Solution

SupPlant’s AI-powered solution is an integrated all-in-one, agricultural IoT platform that displays, analyzes, and manages the high-resolution plant, soil, and weather data in real-time to generate smart irrigation insights and actions. SupPlant’s platform monitors real-time crop conditions and supports farmers to make the best irrigation and agronomic decisions for maximum yield, savings, and plot management efficiency.


User-friendly dashboard for smart irrigation


User-friendly dashboard

SupPlant’s interface enables farmers to quickly understand irrigation recommendations and the condition of their plots, through a detailed and up-to-date irrigation registry. Alerts are embedded in the dashboard, enabling quick identification of plots under extreme weather conditions, with unhealthy or stressed plants, or with limited soil water availability.


Water budget management


Water budget management

Water restrictions are extremely common in large agricultural areas. SupPlant’s water budget feature allows farmers to get an accurate registry of updated water use per plot, crop, or complete farm.




Weekly preview charts - Daily Shrinkage

Weekly preview charts

Users can get a fast week view of soil moisture, trunk and fruit growth, and daily contraction (stress monitoring), as well as past and predicted weather parameters such as evapotranspiration, minimum and maximum temperature, and rain.




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